Location: Austin, TX USA
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Formed in 1996 in Austin, Texas--released two 7 inchers ("Cant Keep It Down" w/ "If I Only Had A Heart"/"Austin Strangler" and the 2nd w/ "Your Man's Gonna Die Tonight"/"Watch The Bastard Fry" by Antiseen) in '98 on Junk Records. The 1st full length LP "Old Enough To Know Better...Too Young To Care" would soon follow, also put out by the now defunct Junk Records. Junk also released a couple of sampler/compilation CDs (Goin' After Pussy & Straight From The Gutter...And Into Your Panties). These 2 comps. featured tracks by all the Junk artists of the time; which included Electric Frankenstein, Zeke, Bulemics, River City Rapists, The Weaklings, The Dragons, Candy Snatchers, The Vaccines, The Bullys, and many others. Try and find these now out of print discs, they are some of the best punk comps ever released. The next release was put out by another great, but now defunct label; Frank Kozik's: Man's Ruin Records. "Good Times Rock and Roll"(1999) The CD version was a split w/River City Rapists (featuring John Motard on vox, Rex/Nick from the Dwarves and QOTSA on bass, Doug Evans from the Didjits on guitar, and our own drummer Hell Sancho). We got Greg Hetson (Red Cross, Circle Jerks, Bad Religion) to produce our side. Jeff Pinkus (Butthole Surfers, Honkey) produced the Rapists stuff. The vinyl versions were released as 10"ers on colored vinyl and Kozik poster art covers-limited to 500. We released "Talk Dirty To Me"(2000), the 3rd LP on TSB (Twenty Stone Blatt) in Scotland. "Soundtrack To The Apocalypse"(2002) produced by Mike Mariconda was the 4th Lp, and was put out by Steel Cage Records in Philly. We've been on a shit load of compilation CDs :Death To False Metal, Stranglehold: Punk Rock Across America on Triple XXX Records, an Antiseen Tribute, a Tribute To Austin's Handsome Joel Svatek, who was just an all around bad-ass fella who was killed by a drunk driver. The 7"ers include a split with Texas Terri(Product Of America and a Johnny Thunders tune, "Tie Me Up" duet w/Gerry and Terri put out by Scarey Records in Italy. A split with Speedloader with us doing Alice Cooper's "Cold Ethyl" and an original "In The Name Of Satan" We did a split with Drunken Thunder w/ Nicki Sicki(Verbal Abuse, Sick Pleasure) singing on both sides. We do: "3 Seconds Of Pleasure" (Sick Pleasure cover), "Degenerate Manifesto", and a new version of "Your Man's Gonna Die Tonight" 500 pressings. The last 7"er came in Carbon 14's last issue. 5 Texas bands; The Lord High Fixers, The Bloody Tears, The Bulemics, Shit (San Antonio), and The Cats From Mars. It's now 2005 and with some line-up changes throughout the years and members in other bands (World Burns To Death, Krumbums, and The Beltones) we've somehow been able keep this shit we call the Bulemics together almost 10 years now.